After a fresh weekend the DGTP gets straight into about stage props and theatrics. From Tommy Lee’s Roller Coaster to Limp Bisket Pods. Tommy Lee actually got stuck on the roller coaster above everyone at the show. One time B-Real was gifted massive size joints and hitting the joint that was rolled too loosely causing the weed to fall out. Bobo would arrives shortly after those stories and B-Real goes into a story time about being in New York waiting for their bus and the bus being late so they had a car service pick them up to get to a show. The car ended up breaking down an hour into the drive and the time lost caused them to not have a minute to spare and had to go straight to the stage. Their bags weren’t with them so they had to go on STANK! as B put it.

DGTP discuss Valentines day and the values of the day. It is a shared holiday for couples that the guys feel they get the short end of it. From buying dinners and going out. B-Real describes how valentines day usually goes for any other holiday, you dont have to make a big to for him on his end, its about sharing the holiday together. E-Zone brings up March 14th, Steak and Blowjob day, as a response to Valentines day. The guys start goofing off and ask the Insane Asylum if they support this holiday.

B-Real and crew start discussing concerts and what’s going on tin the America and the rest of the world with Clubs being caught having large gatherings, concerts and festivals in Australia. E-Zone wishes he could go to a festival but They mention the borders are closed in certain countries like Australia not letting anyone travel to their countries. The mask mandate is largely growing as people try to stir things up as more videos of people being arrested or removed from the places they are going into. The Dr. talks about how police would actually beat and do wrong things in the past especially to gang bangers in the 90’s, let alone racially profiled civilians. B talks about how cops portrayed in movies being violent was almost not believed by many til video recordings started coming out. From Rodney King to the infamous violence still going on today, as we speak on MLK day it reminds us of where our country has been and going. The OJ chase was a spectacle also in the 90’s as the crew talk about famous Ford Bronco Chase.

Bobo talks Pizza choices and peoples favorite Pizza places. Bobo is all about Ricky’s old school style pizza. C-Minus talks about shakes Bunch A Lunch and pizza being his favorite chain choice. Paper cut Pizza is E-Zone’s choice which had a unique structure. Prime pizza and Rainbow bar are the two pizza’s that E-zone loves the most. The true test to a pizza to C-Minus is how good is the next day pizza quality, the whole podcast agrees though that toaster oven or oven re heated pizza is the only way to re heat.