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B-Real kicks off the show talking about his spaghetti he is bringing next friday and E-Zone asks about the power rangers appearing in the Rap Superstar video. E-Zone goes in to another video he seen about people animating the story of one of the power rangers domestic dispute. Roids are a dangerous thing and something B-Real was never into, though he was working out. Fighters like Tyson and more dont really do a lot of weight lifting but it might make you slower in the ring. The guys go into the dangers of plastic surgery as well from face lifs to booty lifts. B-Real describes how some girls remove breast implants due to back injuries and believes that some will do the same with the butt implants as well.

B-Real and Bobo talk about getting limo services before they were so much of a house hold name, they would smoke out the back of the limo and Muggs would just roll the window back up on the driver when they would ask them to not smoke. In the digital age, you cannot get away with ANYTHING but back then the guys got away with smoking where they shouldn’t often due to no one being able to take a picture or film them.

C-Minus is the goat around here on the tables but him and B-Real talks prefrences and technology when it comes to the DJ world. C-Minus gives credit to those who both DJ using the computer and those who are using vinyl. The convo gets into Reefer talk when B-Real mentions those who use those terms were usually into Jazz. Jazz music is a vibe for many stoners and also safer music to use on social media according to E-Zone.

The Podcast talks about having a new microwave show up and the theories that mixrowaving tips to clean them in alcohol might have broke the previous one.