We start the podcast with a discussion about bitcoin and crypto currency from E-Zone and Bobo. Skinny Pablo famously bought a sandwich with bitcoin in the past and now that sandwich is valued at over $70.  Another famous bitcoin food purchase was in 2010 a man bought two Papa Johns pizzas for 10k bitcoins with would be worth millions now. The green thumb team also discuss how basketball legend Shaq, who now saved and owns part of the company to which B-Real commended they change the name to PAPA SHAQ’s.

The crew discusses Dubai and their famous aquarium in their mall and how massive it is it would flood the whole bottom of the mall. B-Real gives a PSA about the rules of the country. Bobo describes how B-Real once cursed at the a show and the promoter was fined for each curse word. A couple on travel in dubai once got caught having sex on the beach and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Ezone brings up how he would like to go to japan but is worried about the cannabis regulations to which B tells the story of Paul McCharteny getting caught with Pounds of weed in Japan and was able to beat that case due to his celebrity.

B-Real talks about raves and E-Zone agrees that raves weren’t for him which Bobo goes into a story about taking 3 pills at a rave but somehow ended up at bar with EDM music and the drugs were kicking in then at some point he asked the guys and realized he was at a gay bar at the end of their adventures. Long as you can make it to where you gotta go, you will be ok Bobo claims. C-Minus asks if anyone has been to a party similar to Almost Famous the film. Bobo says rarely they ever went to someones house but went to a few after parties in their early years. They had all the drink, smoke and almost what ever you needed. Later in the conversation the Trapper keepers and folders back in the day were a mandatory thing to have especially in the music community.

A new episode by Teeny Mane of La Ezone Del Amor dropped today and its a LEGENDARY VIDEO you must watch a few times. Bobo talks about Disney canceling its annual pass. E-zone discusses the cost of going to disney land with kids or a gf or friends and how expensive it will run you. All theme parks like to advertise massively especially their new rides! E-Zone talks about superman the ride is powered by NOS tanks and the crew said that “They don’t do that at Disneyland”.

The doors to the Insane Asylum open up to all sorts of questions be sure to watch the whole podcast as always and leave a comment!

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Follow the whole team on social media (Instagram links below)
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