Tuesday here in DTLA we kick off the show with the whole gang in the house! B-Real and E-Zone have father son debate about him being his son in good spirits, B also gives a PSA about boof smokers and more, enjoy the show!

High and Hungry much? Not just the food show here at B-Real Tv, the guys start discussing their favorite mexican foods. B talks endless tacos and Fried Chimichangas to which we can all say sounds AMAZING. C-Minus mentions a popular spot Casa Vega where B mentions that’s where a lot of old guys take younger women but goes into story time about a waiter dropping a tray of water on him. The waiter was holding not only an ice pitcher of water and cups full of ice water, it was in the winter time so it was very cold outside as well. The water landed on his shoulder after the waiter tripped on a chair and felt like needles or a polar ice dive the Dr. imagined.

Bobo El Compadres on Sunset, that has an amazing menu but a very nice restaurant to sit and enjoy your meal at as well. Los Toros in the Valley is also another Dr.s refried bean dip that they have there, if you dont have the muchies by now we do here at B-Real TV lol. B-Real and Bobo start talking about braids and how tight braids would give you the headache that now they prefer short hair or no hair. The guys talk the current state of what’s going down in our c

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Follow the whole team on social media (Instagram links below)
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