Monday kicks off with the crew discussing boof and smoking other people out with better weed, Yobo (focus for the fuckers) and Bo-Genix, yo girl will like it too. One of those days roll one up and sit back and enjoy the show.

B-Real talks about having issues with his label trying to get more support from them and he tells a story about how they were ready to almost let them go during the Temple of Boom process. Dr. Greenthumb describes the way the boss at the label, Donny, came in like the sopranos and pointed out the problems with the group but also was still their biggest advocate. Donny also helped handle this lawyer they previously had with their manager and the band, he told the lawyer that next time he comes to his office, he “better wear a fucking suit”. Donny said the manager, Happy Walters was ok because he was a manager, but lawyers have to wear a suit. Bobo makes a great point that not all bands or artist are going to be able to get a meeting with that label owner all the time and that with labels sometimes new people come in and don’t care about the previous artist.

The team goes over art submissions from the Insane Asylum, possibly starting the percussion session for one minute on the show, when B-Real said E-zone might just be down for a silent whistle but E lets us know when B was on tour he was learning guitar. C-Minus and the crew talk about how some artist are naturally gifted, but Geezer Butler and John Paul Jones were one of the coldest to do it. E-Zone asks B-Real if he ever met Kurt Cobain, which he did but he had a better relation with Dave and Chris. Cypress Hill met him once at a MTV event and Bobo last saw him at their last performance at the Forum club and talks about running to Kurt Cobain after that back stage. Courtney Love shut down a fan actually infront of Bobo who asked Kurt Cobain for a lock of his hair and he was about to do it.

B-Real talks about being the youngest of 7 half brothers, and his oldest RIP, who he looked up to offered him a cigarette, or a bigarette known in their hood, and he took a big hit like one would a bong and inhaled it giving him the head spins, which turned him off to them for life. Probably not the right way to do it but it helped him.

The doors to the Insane Asylum open up to all sorts of questions be sure to watch the whole podcast as always and leave a comment!

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