Monday and a fresh look for the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast! with some studio rearrangements the crew gets straight into Cobra Kai the series on Netflix and Ezone has been HYPED! Due to the fact there was a scene where a fancy baller christmas dinner was going on and SPAGHETTI WAS SERVED!!!! The podcast wants that famous B-Real Spaghetti and we hope to see it soon. When it comes to italian dinners like goodfellas the movie B-Real says, the pasta is a staple and you can never say no to an italian grandmother who stays ready to make you food.

Big Shout out to Craft Beer Kings who hosted a release for the new collaboration HopBox beer. Today B-Real choose a stout for monday stouts as tradition. E-Zone talks about thinking about being sober and tried to not smoke before bed. The experience wasn’t a good one according to E-Zone, but wake and bake is a great move. B-Real lets us know the Bobo might be known as the nighthawk to the insane asylum, but early bird is more of his nature being he wakes up so early. B-Real tries to wake up first but Bobo sure enough always beats him on the long drives after a show. B-Real prefers to get a work out in first now a days before he smokes.

C-Minus starts doing his Paul Stanley impresernation and E-Zone fills us in how fans have let him know they cannot listen to kiss anymore without hearing C-Minus and Bobo in their heads. The guys talk about KISS and how not everyone was a partier and more of a business man. Some bands or artist lose their touch as B-Real put it, that get caught up in the moment and partying. KISS was so worldwide and marketed so well it was impossible to not know KISS. The memoriblia was so big that everyone who was a kid from that era, had to have at least one merch item. As the guys bring up lunch pals, Bobo realized he never had one growing up. The podcast also goes into brands and collectibles, seeing what holds value today that wasn’t much in the past.

The conversation gets even more wild as the guys talk sexual work out supplements and laxatives some how. Must listen conversation before the doors to the Insane Asylum open up.

Write up by @kierolovesyou
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