Throw it in the air on a Thursday! The Dr. recaps gong to Tony A. Podcast last night. Micheladas were poured up, papusas being grubbed on and all. It is not a normal interview or generic like the other interviews that B has encountered mostly in his career. A must watch as well as the guys talk about how long they go without smoking at times, which B-Real always smokes one an hour but as he claims, he doesn’t have to, but he choses to. The tolerances for alcohol vs the tolerances for smoking are much different for the Dr. The podcast was a long one and B-Real was sobered up by the end but he definitely had to run to the pisser after podcasting that long.

The Discussion swings into cars and station wagons was brought up as the guys talk Fred Durst station wagon he would pull up in. Bobo talks how foreigner never got him to feel romantic.