Sour Bobby by Nature’s Heritage was created by crossing the heavy sativa Sour Diesel and equally heavy indica Tres Dawg producing this amazing hybrid. The Sour Bobby’s buds have bright and dark greens with radiant orange pistols with a nice coating of trichomes. This batch of Sour Bobby has 31.05% Cannabinoids with a total of 2.76% terpenes. Sour Bobby features a pungent diesel flavor profile and smell.

When I smoked the Sour Bobby, after a few hits I stopped and looked at the jay.The flavors are more on the fruity side with a slight smell of chemical/diesel. Within minutes my body was hit with a nice happy vibe. I felt super relaxed without the feeling of being spaced out. The Sour bobby had my creative juices flowing without causing me to get distracted. Turned on some music and jammed out while working on some Halloween graphics. Be careful tho if you smoke the Sour Bobby and happen to be in a comfy spot. Don’t be surprised if you take a little weed nap.