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00:00 – Ethan and Hasan Go After Sweet Baby Angel Nicki Minaj
03:04 – AOC Wears “Tax the Rich” Dress & Everyone Goes Off
04:40 – Parade Float Prompts Outrage
06:04 – Sponsor
06:51 – MA Activates National Guard Over Bus Drivers
08:16 – Internal Facebook Docs Show Instagram’s Harm to Teens
11:38 – Larry Elder’s Voter Fraud Claims


Nicki Minaj’s Blasts Off Series of Vaccine Tweets:

AOC’s “Tax the Rich” Dress Sparks Conversation Online:

Parade Float Featuring Smoking Twin Towers Prompts Outrage:

MA Activated the National Guard to Address School Bus Driver Job Shortages:

Internal Facebook Docs Shows How Dangerous Instagram Can Be for Teens:

Facebook Allows Prominent Users to Break Rules:

Larry Elder Maks Premature Voter Fraud Claims:


Kansas Lawmaker Accused of Kicking Teen in Groin Receives Suspended Sentence:

More Than 500 Chinese Students Were Denied U.S. Visa Over Security Concerns
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Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Cory Ray, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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