The Raven by Curio

The Raven is a cross of Blissful Wizard x Garlic Cookies. From the looks to the flavor this strain is definitely a great end of the day strain. The Raven bud has puffy rounded dark olive green nugs with tones of dark purple, almost black at points, dark amber hairs and a coating of clear shiny crystal trichomes. With a closer look you can see its almost an icing of trichomes on these little buds.

I really enjoyed the Raven, When I first opened the container I noticed a nice funky smell. When I smoked it I felt a sense of relaxation take over my body. The vibe hit me like a train, I was stoney baloney. After about 15 minutes my body felt like a jello mold. I highly recommend this strain to anyone looking to get a nice daytime nap or a great night of rest.

This batch has a THCa level of 31.1 %. So take it slow if you are new to cannabis. The Raven has a flavor profile of Berry, Citrusy, and Spicy while producing aromas of Earthy, Fuel, Lemon, Pepper, Pungent, and Sour. Patients have said they felt a Cerebral, Focused, Hungry, Relaxed, and Sleepy after medicating with the Raven. If you deal with Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines or Stress the Raven by Curio may be a strain for you.