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My Spotify Playlist (TRAP LORE DAILY):

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0:00 Intro
1:44 Gangs of Jacksonville
4:21 ATK Ace’s Top Killers
10:29 KTA K*ll Them All
17:57 The Zion Brown Hit
23:44 4 Shot 3 Dead
35:36 The Trey D and Boss Goon Hits
42:44 The Bibby Hit
47:45 The Ralo Hit Meant for Ace
50:56 The Teki Hit & Finding Corbin
58:17 The Lil Buck Hit
1:04:47 The Lil Petey and Lil Nine Hit
1:12:01 The Failed Hit on Foolio
1:17:33 The Lul Leeke Hit
1:22:02 The Manhunt for KSoo
1:28:24 The Rod K & Spazz2x Hits
1:32:06 The Meechy and B5 Hits
1:34:41 Who I Smoke/ When I See You
1:49:20 Outro
1:52:42 RIP