Sometimes it’s hard to remember new names and faces, but some of that forgetfulness might be due to a psychological phenomenon called the “cross-race effect.”

Your Face Could Be Recreated From Your DNA: Should You Worry? –

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Mechanisms of face perception
“Neurological evidence strongly implicates a dedicated machinery for face processing in the human brain, to explain the double dissociability of face and object recognition deficits.”

Children’s Face Recognition Memory: More Evidence for the Cross-Race Effect‘s_Face_Recognition_Memory_More_Evidence_for_the_Cross-Race_Effect
“For children, as well as adults, own-race faces are recognized more accurately than cross-race faces.”

The Other-Race Effect in Eyewitness Identification
“The greater difficulty of other-race relative to own-race facial recognition is one of the most researched issues in eyewitness identification.”


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