These former adversaries shaped rocket engineering. Here’s how recovered letters provide a detailed look into this pivotal military project.

The Crazy Tech Behind America’s Arctic Missile Defense –
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Death From Above Without Warning: 70 Years After The First One Fell, Interactive Map Reveals Just Where Hitler’s V2 Rockets Killed Thousands Of British Civilians In Final Months Of WW2
“They were the terrifying rockets that weren’t unveiled until the final months of the Second World War, yet still killed thousands.
Around 1,500 V2 rockets – the V stood for Vergeltungswaffe, or Vengeance Weapon – were fired at London and the south east of England, in what was seen as Hitler’s last throw of the dice.”

What Was Operation Paperclip?
“As World War II was entering its final stages, American and British organizations teamed up to scour occupied Germany for as much military, scientific and technological development research as they could uncover.”

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