All the legal marijuana news and headlines for Friday, January 15, 2021.

// Marijuana Sales Broke $2 Billion for 2020 by November

// Virginia Governor Unveils Bill To Legalize Marijuana As Lawmakers Schedule First Hearing

// BREAKING NEWS: Cannabis for Medical Use Just Became Fully Legal in Mexico

// MD cannabis staffers get same COVID vaccine status as health-care workers

// New Mexico Governor Says Marijuana Legalization Is A 2021 Priority

// Marijuana MSO Cresco inks $213M all-stock deal to expand into Florida

// Rhode Island’s Likely Next Governor Backs Private Legal Marijuana Model Over State-Run Market

// Michigan Prosecutor Won’t Pursue Most Marijuana Or Psychedelics Cases ‘Regardless Of The Amount’

// GW Pharma expects fiscal 2020 sales to reach $526 million

// Texas Woman Connected to Oklahoma Marijuana Industry Arrested for Rioting in DC

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