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‘Clutch’ feat. Amelia Duffield, taken from the new LP ‘Trinity’, out now.


Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Dunne
Engineered by Mikey Arthur
Vocal Production by Steven Cannatelli
Additional Vocal Performance by Amelia Duffield
Additional Voice Acting by Nathaniel Smith & Monica Strut

I knew we’d made a mistake as soon as I stepped inside. I could smell the liquor on his breath;
A subtle hint of red wine. Our driver laughed, a chaotic grin on his face;
He asked us where we’re going; “I can take you any place.”

“Take me home, take me home, take me home now.”

Another one for the trip, another one for the road.
“The bottom of a bottle is the lowest I can go; a girl like you would never survive the road.”

(Take me home)
My burdens are too much to bear. My spirit is broken and I’m looking worse for wear.
My bleeding heart has bled dry; another reason I’m not to be left to drive.

The hands of fate turn the wheel; poison begins to lose its feel.
Into the bones seep toxic woe; indistinguishable friend or foe.
Demons claim your rights to think; “No one forced you to have another fucking drink.”
With loose lips, ships die and sink like karma and the devil working in sync.

(I’m losing control)
“But I’m bound to Hell, and loving it.”
(Burn my body when I’m done)
“I’m having too much fun, yeah.”

Spit out your tongue. Demon of the wheel, spit out your tongue.
“Oh, the Royal Queen in the passenger seat; of everyone I’ve driven, you’re the only one to lose their shit.”

Another one for the trip, and one for the road? The bottom of a bottle is the lowest you can go.
A girl like me, I’d never survive the road. Foot to the floor, let’s make us nothing more

Pirouette to the collapse of the machine; a tragedy we should have foreseen.
Metal scrapes as it dances across the asphalt. Death laughs like he’s not at fault;
Trapped inside a cage of substance so bitter. The demons cry; “we all burn together!”

We all burn together. Gimme fuel, gimme fire, get me out of this fucking car.

“Use this to draw the blood of the Baron and you 3 shall be returned to Earth enlightened.
But be warned, if used to slay the ruler of your realm, the ones you love will return but not in the way you desire. Beware the wolves, maintain the keepers of the gates or converge our three worlds, and be struck down by Hell’s rain.”

In Lore:
Jumping back down to the Rabbit Hole, we meet the Trinity as they wander down the Highway of Hell, a dried up and barren River Styx. The Trinity quarrel with each other; Rachel spirals further into her anxious state of mind as Clara berates her over trivial arguments while Ronin tries to keep them both from killing each other, but somehow ends up as a moderator for the arguments. Eventually, a white hearse pulls up to greet them; Charon, the Ferryman turned ride-share driver, who takes souls between various layers of Hell, and current possessor of the Hand of the King. Charon tells them that if they wish to take the Hand, they must first travel with him to the end of his route while he’s intoxicated. Clara argues heavily against the deal as the trauma of her parents’ deaths resurfaces, but before a decision is made, the Trinity are attacked by a swarm of demons and are forced to take Charon’s deal to survive, boarding the hearse, commencing the ride of their lives.
Tires screeching, bottles downed, the Trinity scream down the River Styx aboard Charon’s chariot as they fight off demons. While Rachel incapacitates and Ethan slaughters, Clara clings on for dear life as Charon screams down the road, wavering drunkenly both from intoxication and to shake off the following demons. As they reach the climax of their journey, they unforeseeably run off the road as Charon swerved to avoid Two Keepers pursuing a bounty, and crash the hearse. Charon believes the Trinity’s debt has been paid, giving them the Hand of the King, but heeds the warning of not using the Hand on Earth against its current ruler in fear of opening up portals between worlds. The Trinity flee the scene to avoid combat with the Keepers. The Two Keepers rummage their way through the wreckage to Charon, who informs them of the Trinity’s plans to dimension jump, and begin to tail them on their journey.
– – –
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