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He Committed Fraud to Buy Jewelry and Gamble



Maurice Fayne is going to prison for 17 years for PPP loan fraud and running a Ponzi Scheme for ~7 years.

He was recently convicted of borrowing over $2 million for his employees, but the Feds found out that the money was being used to fund an extravagant lifestyle.


0:00 – Intro
0:28 – $1.5 Million a Month Payroll?
1:03 – Maurice Applies for a PPP Loan
1:47 – $350k Wire
2:16 – How Maurice Spent the Money
3:45 – Fake Bank Statements
4:47 – How Much Jewelry and Cars?
6:03 – Possible Gambling Problem
7:10 – Social Media Star is Above the Law
7:47 – Final Thoughts

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