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The Murder of FBG Duck



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0:00 Introduction
4:57 FBG Duck Montage
5:38 Welcome to O-Block
7:55 FBG Duck From 63rd
12:36 The War in Chicago Recap
13:40 O-Block v Tookaville Origins
15:35 STL/EBT Early Lineup
16:16 The Murder of Tooka
18:33 The Murder of Odee
19:53 The Murder of Sheroid
21:27 The Murder of Modell
23:12 The Murder of P5
24:23 The Murder of BossTrell
25:50 The Murder of J Money
26:40 The Murder of K.I
27:21 The Murder of Malcolm Stuckey
29:25 The Birth of GetBackGang
30:19 The Murder of Big A
30:52 The Murder of T-Roy
35:25 The Bloody Rise of GetBackGang
35:48 The Murder of Poppie
36:54 The Murder of FBG Brick and Coby
39:33 The Murder of Terry Barry
40:47 The Murder of HK
41:41 The Return of King Von
44:26 The Murder of CantGetRight
50:16 The Funeral Shooters
50:34 The Murder of Dooski
51:11 GetBackGang Shoot Up the Funeral
55:00 FBG Duck v King Von
58:51 Lil Durk and King Von Catch a Case
1:02:47 King Von Drops Took Her to The O
1:06:11 The Murder of FBG Duck
1:11:51 Duck’s Killers Run Free
1:14:03 Von Buys 10 O-Block Chains
1:18:24 Bosstop’s Cursed Interview
1:21:51 KSoo Smokes Duck
1:26:57 Von Says he Squashed Beef with Duck
1:29:15 The FBI Visit O-Block
1:30:36 Von’s Cursed Akademiks Interview
1:33:38 King Von Dies
1:36:51 Von’s Opps Celebrate
1:38:10 O-Block say GetBack is coming
1:40:40 Muwop, C-Thang and Zell Start Rapping
1:43:38 Lil Durk Releases Should’ve Ducked
1:46:23 The Revenge of Momma Duck
1:51:28 Momma Duck The Clout Chaser Slayer
1:55:55 The Cyber-ab*se of Momma Duck
2:02:14 Internet Detectives Solve the Case Before the FBI
2:05:11 The Self Snitching Continues
2:06:04 The Final Days of O-Block
2:11:48 King Von Mural Revealed
2:14:00 The Fall of Zell Munna
2:15:46 Lil Durk and Muwop Friendship
2:17:25 FBG Duck’s Killers are Found
2:21:02 Momma Duck Reacts
2:24:23 Conclusion

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