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Documentary: NO PAIN IN VAIN – The Shocking Life of Steve-O (a film by Flavio De Feo) // FULL MOVIE

Steve-O has taped himself to a billboard, but that’s the least crazy thing he’s done. “Jackass” is the Olympics for degenerates: a bunch of attention seekers competing for screen time and testing who can take the gross-out or the gut-punch one step further. While Steve-O originally reached stardom as a Jackass’ crew member, his real life is far more shocking than any stunt ever performed in the history of the franchise. Drug abuse, family issues, a failed clown career and a desperate craving for immortality have shaped Steve-O’s story arc into a wildly inspiring tale of love’s triumph over pain.

Yes, Steve-O is gnarly but he’s also much more than that.

By the way, have you seen the Jackass 4 official trailer? (jackass 4ever trailer: Looks so good, I can’t wait for the movie to actually come out!

*IMPORTANT – READ THIS* : This is a fan made documentary. I’ve listened to and watched over 100+ hours of interviews, I’ve isolated the soundbites and combined them to create a cohesive story, I’ve added a combination of self-made animations, my own footage, stock footage and archival footage (this latest one farmed from YouTube) and transformed all the material into something new and different and bigger – like a DJ remixing tunes to create a new song.

The goal was to (1) highlight how Steve-O overcame his inner pain (which is often overlooked as is less visible than the physical pain he subjects himself to).

And (2) making the Steve-O’s documentary that didn’t exist and I wanted to watch.

This is the portrayal of a guy who tried to find happiness in the wrong places and nearly destroyed his life multiple times – but decided to relentlessly work on himself until he could find true peace and happiness.

I’m a huge Steve-O’s fan and this documentary is purely an act of love.


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