Void of Vision – Ghost In The Machine [Official Music Video]

Taken from Void of Vision’s new EP Disturbia, out now:

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I wanted it all
I got what I wished for

I took a dance with the devil and felt a rush so cold when I took his hand
Now I can’t back out, so despite all doubt, it’s down with the poison, drown out the sound

I’ve had enough of nothing, now anything means something
Anything I can hold close to
Don’t you dare come near, because I will never let go of you

I will never let go of you

This feeling never leaves, it’s become a part of me
I’ll bottle it up and hide, outta sight, outta mind
You’ll miss it every time 

I will always be my own third degree
I’m fucking dead inside, and no one can see

I guess this life just ain’t for me

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