Chef’s Night Out in Copenhagen with Cicchetti

In this installment of Chef’s Night Out, we head to Copenhagen for a night on the town with the team from Cicchetti. Along with sommelier Luna and chefs Nina and Rikke we visit some of their favourite restaurants while indulging in an impressive amount of alcohol.

We start out in the kitchen at Cicchetti where Nina cooks some spinach and ricotta balls before we move on to restaurant Palægade for smørrebrød and akvavit. From there the group return to Nørrebro and restaurant Gaarden & Gaden and a sinful combination of croque madame and negroni.

After a quick pitstop at the local cemetery, the party moves on to restaurant La Buca, where an abundance of italian food and wine almost knocks out the three women before they head back to Cicchetti and fry up some italian treats for their friends and colleagues.

Heels or no heels, this was a night out to remember.

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